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  • Fresno

    [[File:810391 | class=media-item-align-center | fresno-nights.jpg]] *Population:* 354,000 mortals, five vampires Calling Fresno a “barony” is perhaps overstating it a bit. Three Brujah and two Gangrel roam the city and surrounding farmlands, but …

  • Calvin Cleaver

    If everyone could just get along, nobody’d have to get hurt. Calvin lived that motto while growing up and going through school in Los Angeles. He avoided conflict by lying low and refraining from activism. Of course, that didn’t prevent Calvin from …

  • Mirko Mirkonen

    Mirkonen is an enormous muscular man with the same three-day beard growth he died with over a millennium ago. There's a certain vulpine cunning in his eyes that makes others uncomfortable. He typically wears black steel-toed work boots, jeans, and a black …

  • Fangs-through-Eye

    Fangs is a rather awkward-looking young man in his late teens with greasy, jet-black hair and large teeth. In Crinos form he is large, jet-black, and has huge fangs. In Lupus, he is a mangy black wolf with a sickly green tint to his fur.

  • Eater-of-Bears

    Eater-of-Bears is a sleek, muscular wolf of medium-brown and black coloration. She is unusually graceful when she moves. Her Homid form is that of an attractive 5'9" woman in her mid-20s. She has long black hair that falls to her waist.