Bone Yard


A somewhat rundown joint located at the corner of Aldebaran and Spring Mountain (about 2 miles west of the Strip) and adjacent to a massive gun store and shooting range called Vegas Machineguns, the Bone Yard is one of an innumerable number of “gentlemen’s clubs” in town.

Thanks to the recent arrival of star dancer Manon, however, the Bone Yard is quickly seeing its star rise. Noted “legitimate businessman” Mr. Manelli has started frequenting the club on an almost nightly basis, and even the enigmatic Sands has been seen lurking around in the back.

The club’s bartender, Avery, may be young but, as a Vegas native, knows a little bit about pretty much everything—including, some whisper, where the bodies are buried, as they say.

The club’s success has allowed it to expand its previous humble ambitions, and the management recently launched a “Ladies Night” promotion by taking on a small crew of male dancers.

Bone Yard

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