Prince of Las Vegas


8th generation, childe of Charlemagne
Clan: Ventrue
Nature: Martyr
Demeanor: Director
Embrace: 1792
Apparent Age: early 40s


For 50 years, Benedic has been Prince of Las Vegas—many suspect that the position was a payoff from the Camarilla, either to keep Benedic out of the way or to keep him quiet about something. Regardless, Benedic sees Las Vegas as his charge, and the Kindred there need to be guided but allowed to grow. He maintains the peace and the Masquerade, but otherwise takes a laissez-faire attitude toward princedom. The biggest dangers come from the outside, and Benedic always considers ways to protect the city and fend off invaders. Over the years, he has found less reason to take personal action; since he entered Las Vegas, Benedic has only left his impressive estate and grounds a dozen times. Normally, he conducts all business through subordinates, particularly through the Nosferatu named Montrose.

Benedic has faintly olive skin, golden-brown curls and an aristocratic face. He dresses in expensive suits, designer sportswear and occasionally silk smoking jackets. He carries a cane with a mongoose-shaped silver head. His language is stately and slow, with frequent pauses, and he hates to be rushed. Benedic also dislikes machinery and most modern appliances—even the telephone is still foreign to him and he only uses one when necessary, delegating other tasks to his retainers. He makes his haven in a large, stately manse toward the outskirts of Las Vegas, closer to the seedy side of the city than to the lights of the Strip. The grounds of his haven are cultivated, filled with hedges, trees and small gardens, and a high wall surrounds the entire area. The only entrance is the front gate, which is always manned.


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