Ken Barber

Dawn's Father


Nature: Director
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm
Apparent Age: early 40s


Ken Barber was an itinerant farmhand just passing through Freedom Township, Kansas, when he met Andrea Houdek. The two fell in love and were soon married, with Ken inheriting the Houdek family farm from his father-in-law.

Ken worked hard and expanded the farm’s operations, thriving at a time when the Midwestern family farm was increasingly on the decline. His daughter Dawn was the apple of his eye, and his normally stern demeanor melted whenever she asked something of him.

He has only recently returned to Kansas after wrapping up Dawn’s affairs and seeing to her funeral. His main goal now is to help Andrea through her crushing grief, which also nicely helps to mask his own grief-induced depression.

Like Andrea, Ken now sees Dawn’s move to the big city as her undoing and is convinced her association with “those Hollywood degenerates” led to her death. Why, there was even this slick customer who dared to show up at her funeral with blood leaking from his eyes! What the hell kind of drug does that?

Ken Barber

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