Las Vegas


Las Vegas in the World of Darkness offers many possibilities to near-human supernaturals to blend in. In Vegas, throwing around large amounts of money is standard and it is nearly impossible to look out of place, whether you wear magicians’ robes or the garb of a second-century centurion. People tend to ignore others and no one notices when a person goes missing.

Las Vegas is a city under Camarilla control, with a Ventrue prince named Benedic, who enforces the Six Traditions, in addition to several rules specific to the city. These include a ban against playing poker (for reasons of secrecy, as a talented poker player might draw all kinds of attention), the exclusion of casino and hotel owners as prey, as well as a limit of ten million dollars per night to use in bets and other games of chance. About two dozen vampires claim permanent residence within the city, but many more pass through, seeking easy prey and staying only for a couple of nights.

Anarchs often travel through the city in groups, paying no respect to Benedic or any other authority. While Benedic and his Sheriff, the Nosferatu Montrose, usually keep the peace, manage to keep disturbances to a minimum and cover up any problems, they shy away from putting on harsher restriction, fearing that this will only serve to encourage Anarchs to flount the prince’s edicts. Occasionally, Sabbat packs come from Southern California, start raids against the Camarilla infrastructure and vanish. Agents of the enemy sect are dispersed in the city and seek for signs of weakness from the local Cainites in order to take the city. These infiltrators generally pose as Anarchs and should they be discovered, usually face Final Death.

The city also holds a reasonable Giovanni presence, centered on the Jewish Rothstein family, although the main family also has activities within the city. The local capo of the Giovanni, a position occupied by Shlomo Rothstein, is engaged in a constant struggle with Benedic for control over the city. Both groups seek to remove the other, but enough vampires recognize their claims of domain to avoid open bloodshed.

Lastly, the city is something of a hub for the Ravnos clan, a familiar stopping point during their wanderings.

Notable Locations

Bone Yard
Creepshow Carnival

Las Vegas

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