The cities belong to the Kindred, and the race of Caine adopts their gilded cage as a badge of pride. The truth of the situation is a bit more complex, however. The interstices between cities and the swaths of untenanted wilderness that surround communities belong to the creatures calling themselves the Lupines. These are the wolf-men, the werewolves, and in the territories outside the cities, their wrathful will is law.

Vampires speak fearfully of the Lupines’ capacities for violence. Even the most hardened Brujah and the deadliest Assamite give the werewolves a wide berth, for the shapeshifters consider themselves a warrior race and their rage lies close to the surface. Indeed, the Kindred and the Lupines have been at war since time out of mind, and to the shapeshifters, it is every bit a holy war. Even what fleeting commonalities certain Kindred may share with the werewolves—affinity with animals, a Beast that guides their movements, the ability to take on other forms—is no help. When vampires and Lupines meet, bloodshed is almost certain to follow.

Whispers among well-traveled vampires imply that the wolf-men aren’t the only creatures who can take on the skins of savage beasts. Those who can take the form of ravens, sharks, great cats, or even spiders circulate among the realm of night. Whether there is any truth to these tales has yet to be undeniably confirmed, but in the modern nights, it’s only a matter of time.

Lupine Encounters


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